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Bridgestone brand to enter agricultural tyre market in Europe

Bridgestone brand to enter agricultural tyre market in Europe

Technology to meet the special needs of larger, more powerful farm vehicles

Bridgestone Europe has announced that it will expand its multi-brand strategy and introduce the Bridgestone brand in the agricultural tyre market in Europe.

Bridgestone agricultural tyres will target the growing high-end segment of the European market, meeting the special needs of the largest, most powerful agricultural vehicles and equipment. A preview of the brand promise will be displayed at the Agritechnica international agricultural exhibition in Hanover, 12th to 16th November 2013. Bridgestone plans to launch its first product during the REIFEN international tyre show in Essen, Germany in May 2014, making it available for sale in Europe during the second half of the year.

Multi-brand approach

In line with the company’s multi-brand strategy, the new Bridgestone range will complement the existing Firestone agricultural tyre business. Firestone has invested heavily to renew its product portfolio and has built a strong position in the European market, offering a large number of farmers high levels of performance and productivity. With Bridgestone focusing on the largest vehicles and equipment at the top end of the market, the Company aims to avoid overlapping sizes and standards between the two brands.

"Bridgestone and Firestone have different brand strengths and attributes. Together in our multi-brand approach they can provide farmers in all segments the optimal solution" Lothar Schmitt, Director Agricultural and Off-the-Road tyres, Bridgestone Europe

Changing farm landscape

The opportunity for Bridgestone is the rapidly changing face of farming in Europe. Farms today are becoming fewer in number but larger in size, often sharing their resources and equipment to maximize efficiency. Their equipment is also becoming larger, more powerful and more specialized.

This evolution in farming in Europe represents a serious challenge to manufacturers of agricultural tyres, as they struggle to keep up with the pace of change. As the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone is responding to the challenge with a target-oriented multi-brand product portfolio that will meet the needs of all players in the agricultural sector.

Bridgestone committed to sustainable agriculture

The Bridgestone Corporation’s mission has remained unchanged since it was first formulated by the company’s founder Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931: “Serving Society with Superior Quality.” The Company works to fulfil this mission every day, not only by providing its customers with world-class products and services but also by serving local communities and helping to ensure a sustainable environment for current and future generations. Producing superior quality agricultural tyres that help boost productivity while protecting crops and valuable topsoil are a natural outcome of this commitment.

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