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Firestone Giant Makes Tracks in Denmark

Firestone Giant Makes Tracks in Denmark

Danish farmer is first to install the new 850/75R42 sized Firestone DT23, the world’s largest agricultural tyre

It was only a matter of time before the world’s largest agricultural radial tyre ever produced would be put to work in the field. And as it turns out, the honour of the first European fitment of the new Firestone 850/75R42 sized DT23 goes to Denmark.

Kristian Kappel of the family-run Brunshøjgaard farm in Thy, Denmark first came into contact with the tyre at a local agricultural show in June 2013. Once convinced of the Firestone DT23’s superior performance and efficiency, it took just a few short weeks to deliver and install all four tyres, together with customised rims to fit the farm’s Steiger 450, all in time for harvest.

Manufactured by Firestone in the USA, the giant DT23 is designed to get the most out of the new generation of heavy tractors over 500 hp. The Kappels chose to install the tyre on the strength of its improved grip, minimal soil compaction and reduced fuel consumption:

"We chose these tyres to get better traction for our Steiger 450."
"In the past, the tractor had difficulty standing firm. One solution was to install dual wheels on the tractor but since we have so many narrow roads, that does not work for us. With the Firestone DT23, however, we have a much larger footprint in a single tyre, which means we can transfer more power to the ground than ever before." Kristian Kappel

The Firestone DT23’s low inflation pressure and reduced weight also minimise soil compaction and fuel consumption, thereby improving crop yields while cutting the costs of working them:

"When fitting the new tyres, we were able to remove about 1.3 tonnes of weight from the old rims. That, combined with the lower inflation pressure of 0.8 bar, means a lot in the first 30 to 40 centimetres, which is of great importance deeper down in the soil." Kristian Kappel

The trend towards larger farms and larger, more powerful machinery, places huge demands on tyres to keep pace with the new technology. Employing Firestone’s new AD² “Advanced Deflection Design” technology, the imposing DT23 is well and truly up to the task with a much larger footprint and higher load capacity than standard radial tyres.

Measuring 2.32m in diameter overall, he DT23 has an 850/75 SECTION/aspect ratio and rim size of 42 inches (107 cm). It weighs 510 kg and has a load capacity of 9.5 tons at speeds of up to 50 kph.

Firestone is the world’s leading manufacturer of tyres for the agricultural sector, offering a full range of tyres adapted to all types of machinery, including today’s heavier and faster vehicles.