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New Firestone Performer Row Crop

New Firestone Performer Row Crop

Boost your efficiency with extra high load capacity

With the new Performer Row Crop series Firestone has once more developed a solution for the growing worldwide trend of increasing volumes and weight of agricultural machinery. With their high load capacity, long tyre life and excellent traction resulting in higher speed, the Performer Row Crop tyres offer reduced end-user costs and maximised efficiency.

High load carrying capacity

Sprayers, like other agricultural equipment, are evolving to more productive, more efficient and more versatile vehicles, making them more powerful, larger and heavier. Our challenge was to adapt the tyres to be able to carry these heavier loads. Thanks to reinforced casings and the steel belt, the Performer Row Crop offers the possibility to carry heavier tanks and transport them at high speeds in all safety and comfort, enhancing the efficiency of the spraying operations.

Patented Dual Angle Lug Technology

All Firestone Performer Row Crop sizes feature the unique and patented Dual Angle Lug design technology. Thanks to the larger contact area, the Dual Angle Lug technology provides around 4% more traction than standard design tyres. In addition, the design has very good self-cleaning capabilities, avoiding mud clinging to the tyres, and causes less soil disturbance, further contributing to enhanced traction. Firestone has carried this field efficiency through to the road, designing the new tyres with a high speed index. Performer Row Crop tyres allow farmers to drive fast on all surface conditions, resulting in great savings. The tyres also demonstrate excellent accuracy, and provide good ride comfort and steering response, also at these higher speeds.

Field Care

Together with the new Row Crop tyres, Firestone is also introducing the “Field Care” logo on the tyres’ sidewall, symbolizing the importance of the environment and the technology we invest to protect it. The world population is ever growing, up to 9 billion people by 2050, and the available arable land is limited. Increasing productivity and preserving the environment are therefore the most important focus points of agriculture today. Firestone has the know how to contribute to making the agricultural operations more efficient and profitable, while focusing on protecting the most precious asset of a farmer: a healthy soil.

Firestone’s Performer Row Crop tyres feature a narrow tyre design, allowing precise steering between the crops, a high load capacity reducing the number of trips needed, and the Dual Angle Lug design increasing traction while minimising soil disturbance, enhancing crop yield and farmers’ profit.

"Firestone concentrates on solutions that give farmers a more efficient and sustainable way of working. Within this philosophy, the new Performer Row Crop tyres are designed to provide maximum efficiency in the field and on the road through their high load-carrying capacity and high speed index, thereby enabling farmers to use large tanks and save time in spraying operations." Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Planificare Marketing, Bridgestone Europe

The Firestone Performer Row Crop tyres are now available for the agricultural tyre replacement and original equipment markets in several sizes. Please visit the new Firestone website to find out more about this new product.